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H&M creates high quality literature for the European Heathen, Asatru, Odinist, Germanic & Slavic Pagan communities.


What is Asatru?


The word essentially means True to the Gods.  Asatru tends to be a name associated with the gods of Scandinavia and Iceland however this term can be representative of the belief in various gods throughout Europe. You can call it Asatru, Heathen, Pagan, or break it down by tribe into Nordic, Germanic, Celtic, Slavic etc... It is still the belief in the gods of the ancient European tribes.




In the Germanic and Nordic world view this is the concept of the Ideal Self. It is the responsibility to stand on our own two feet, how we as the individual can benefit the community, the concern and care for how we are viewed by our community as well as how we will be remembered by our descendants.


To walk the path of the Asatru is not just a belief in divine beings but it is a world view and a way of life. Those who chose this path and take it seriously accept that they hold themselves to a higher degree of responsibility than most do in our current societies.


What Connects Us All


Heathenry is not only native to Europe. There are three pillars to Heathen beliefs that span across all native polytheistic religions the world over.


1. Honoring and respecting Nature

2. Honoring our Ancestors & Traditions

3. Believing in many Gods


Many might be inclined to reverse that order and place - Belief in the gods - first, and - Respect of nature - last but recognizing the fragility and power of nature is central to understanding our place within it.


Nature is the vessel through which we are able to connection with the Gods and the means for us to find our own place in the world. It is all there for us we only need to seek it.


The Heathen Way


H&M is here to support all heathens and anyone else who is interested in learning more about our folk ways or curious about our faith.


Heathenry is not a racist religion. Racism is a modern philosophy derived from Medieval occult metaphysics that surfaced in the Middle East and Europe during the Christian era. It has no intellectual claim to pre-Christian heathen history or tradition. There are no documents or historical indicators that suggest pre-Christian peoples harbored such beliefs.


Accordingly, Huginn & Muninn, being an organization that promotes a continuation of those pre-Christian European spiritual traditions, disavows any affiliation with modernist and Post-modernist perversions and revisions of the beliefs known to be held by ancient indigenous Europeans of the Heathen tradition.


Likewise, we do not promote hate, bigotry, xenophobia or any other irrational, ahistorical perversions of pre-Christian European heathen history.


We, like the indigenous peoples of North America, Africa, Central and South America, Asia, and the Pacific Islands, proudly draw our inspiration from our ancestral traditions, and remain confident that these traditions stand firm on their own merit without the need for justification, apology, or through comparisons with other traditions.


Huginn & Muninn


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