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About H&M


Before the birth of my first child I realized that there were hardly any resources for Heathen parents to share our heritage with our children. In 2011 to honor her birth, I decided to write "Baby's First Book of Runes" for my daughter and that is how H & M began.


Our Mission


Our goal is to create high quality Heathen literature for the Asatru, Odinist, Germanic & Slavic Pagan community and for those who are interested in learning more about our folk ways.



A Heathen Family Business


We believe a core value of Asatru is the emphasis on family and passing our information along to future generations. This is why at H&M we have taken it as our mission to make the principles and lore of our faith more accessible not only to adults but also children.


It is our hope that we may help you in teaching your children about our beautiful and enduring culture as the Native Europeans and also to understand that it is so very important that we ensure the survival of our traditions for generations to come.



Want to Know More?


There has been much division in Heathenry the past few years and H&M has sadly spent much time dispelling falsehoods and lies about out company and it's founder. H&M is here to support ALL Heathens who are interested in their native faith as well as anyone who is curious about our faith. Accusations of  racism and worse are completely unfounded.


Racism is a modern philosophy derived from Medieval occult metaphysics that surfaced in the Middle East and Europe during the Christian era. It has no intellectual claim to pre-Christian heathen history or tradition. There are no documents or historical indicators that suggest pre-Christian peoples harbored such beliefs.


Accordingly, Huginn & Muninn, being an organization that promotes a continuation of that pre-Christian Northern European spiritual traditions, disavows any affiliation with modernist and Post-modernist perversions and revisions of the beliefs known to be held by ancient indigenous Europeans of the Norse Heathen tradition. Likewise, we do not promote hate, bigotry, xenophobia or any other irrational, ahistorical perversions of pre-Christian Nordic history.


We, like the indigenous peoples of North America, Africa, Central and South America, Asia, and the Pacific Islands, proudly draw our inspiration from our ancestral traditions, and remain confident that these traditions stand firm on their own merit without the need for justification, apology, or through comparisons with other traditions.



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